Donald lay face-down on his towel while the sun toasted his oily back. Around him children played, couples kissed, and teenagers tried to look cool while strolling on the boardwalk.

Donald’s back toasted and toasted and when it was golden with the threat of burn he flipped over, slathered himself…

Generic Company Co. — Kitchener, ON
$14 an hour — Full-time, Permanent

We are looking for a front-desk receptionist who will assist the office with incoming calls, dealing with online communication, filing, running errands, checking mails, courier preparation, performing neurosurgery, and other tasks as needed. A minimum 3 year office…

Equivalent to a year of FT work at min. wage w/o taxes

Note: This story begins with the literal story of how it happened. If you are looking for recommendations to maximize your own scholarship potential, scroll along until you see the next major bolded headline.

How it happened:

High school was a bit of a funny story. Unlike most of my peers, I didn’t…

from the passenger’s seat
as we turned right on the top of a hill.
a car to the left, unseen by my driver
who pulled us into the lane.


When Don and his wife first opened the convenience store and full-serve gas station, they made almost a hundred dollars a day. Lottery tickets alone made up a quarter of their earnings. …

Finding clarity in The Wildes: an exegesis

“The possibility of knowing history […is…] a deeply ethical dilemma: the unremitting problem of how not to betray the past.” (Unclaimed Experience, 27)

From start to finish, I wrote the first draft of The Wildes screenplay in only 20 days— but truthfully the entire writing process took me more than…

When I was eight years old, my uncle picked me up by my belt. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

Granted, I was being a little shit. I can’t remember what I was doing, but it was something purposefully annoying — and in one moment…

I’ve been trying to catch the big fish.
I saw it jump two hours ago,
and I’ve been casting after it nonstop.
My line pulls taught.
The fish!
My lure is snagged on a rock.

It’s the fifth time today.

Or “Why it is okay to cry over spilt milk in the Middle Ages”

Illustrations by Rachel Taunton

The weather was fair, the air was clear, and the humble squire Jonathan Percy scraped Cheerios and goat’s milk out of his grey iron helmet. …

Melchior Dudley

i’ve got an awful lot of nothing to say

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